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"Hug your demons or they will bite you in the ass. If you don't embrace what is dysfunctional, you are doomed to repeat it and stay in the pain."
-Pia Mellody

Spiritual Psychotherapy

Registered Social Worker | Therapist

Spiritual psychotherapy is a collaborative approach that is based in talk therapy which intentionally invites a clients spiritual or religious beliefs into the therapy room. It aims to see each individual holistically, including their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Healing and growth are fostered by tapping into the client's spiritual resources and addressing the deeper questions and issues that may be influencing their well-being.


In my practice I work with adults from many backgrounds, but my passion is helping those who want to break free from family patterns (intergenerational) of trauma, hurt, dysfunction, and stress that are negatively impacting their well-being and their relationships. Individuals who grow up in some sort of dysfunction often struggle in adulthood with low self-esteem, poor boundaries, loss of voice and self-determination, emotional overwhelm or numbness, and egg shelling - symptoms of codependence. Ending cycles of codependence and building healthy relationships is possible - don’t lose hope.


I wholeheartedly understand what it takes to heal these relational wounds and reconnect with freedom and joy. Both my personal and professional experience has led me to the main approaches I use: talk therapy, inner child work, oracle cards, somatic exploration, spiritual inquiry, mindfulness, grief work, humour, and nature-based practices. You can expect each session to be unique, as we work with what emerges, and change is best cultivated with practice outside of sessions. My intuition often guides me and over time I have developed many tools to support deep healing for lasting change.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

-Leonard Cohen

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