"I give you permission to be all of yourself, unapologetically."


I help folks heal hurtful beliefs and behaviours they have around food and their bodys' to help them live a liberating, expansive, and unapologetic life.

Known for my fiery, rebellious, compassionate and empathetic nature, I love deep conversation, dancing, playing and singing music, french fries, forests, shorelines, sunsets, being an Auntie, and my cat baby - Ruby. Identifying as cis-het, white, and female; my practice is gender affirming and open to folx of all sexual orientations.

Drawing from my personal experiences with Eating Disorders and training as a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and Body Trust® Provider, I take a body, mind, emotion, and spirit approach to healing by helping you to connect with your body in new ways, renegotiate your relationships with food and movement, improve your body image, and enhance overall feelings of deserving and aliveness.

Whether it's smashing cultural expectations or self-limitations, seeing you without pre-tense or judgment, sitting silently through painful experiences, laughing, and holding space for you to be exactly who you need to be, I will be your wild warrior on your journey to making peace with food and accepting (or tolerating) your body. 


I believe that all bodies are worthy as they are and do not make assumptions about health based on body size or gender based on anatomy. I don't promote or offer weight-loss as part of my practice and work from a weight-inclusive paradigm which focuses on behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes (not the scale or BMI) as markers of overall wellbeing. 


I believe you are the expert on your body, and the wisdom and knowledge you need to care for yourself in meaningful ways lives within you. As your coach, it is not my job to tell you how to care for yourself but rather to help you access the place where this wisdom lives inside of you.

Wild at Heart,


Virgie Tovar

"When people say they want to lose weight, they often mean I want to be respected. I want to be loved. I want to be seen. I want liberation from fear and self-loathing."

"What is on the other side of the tiny gigantic revolution in which I move from loathing to loving my own skin?

What fruits would that particular liberation bear?”

Cheryl Strayed