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Break-free from food rules and obsessive thoughts.


Be at home, not at war with your body.


Feel safe and at ease around food and hunger.

Trust and honour your needs and desires.

Come alive with possibility, pleasure and joy.

and live with a fierceness like never before.

Imagine yourself, free to be all that you are, without guilt or shame about your body and food. Let's get started!

Interviews with experts from around the world focused on helping you heal body dissatisfaction and food guilt.

Your Wild Body: From Body Disgust to Body Trust

A 7-week group program to help you end bingeing and body shame.

Individual coaching customized to meet your specific needs on your path to healing your relationship with food and your body. 

It's not easy to live in the world right now and feel comfortable in our bodies, never mind content or confident! We are surrounded by systems and people that tell us, fulfilling stereotypical roles is intrinsic to being in a body, and anything outside of these "norms" is "broken" or "wrong". I invite you to remember what you already know (that this is all false) and offer you a different path to the life you seek, a path rooted in healing, not fixing, your relationship with food and your body. You are not broken, nor a problem to be solved. You are a human with needs, desires, and a voice deserving of being seen, heard, respected, loved, and accepted as you are.

Dana Rourke, Body Image Speaker, Educator and Coach

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"Let go of perfection, throw shame to the wind, and

come home to yourself."

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