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Peace of mind is possible.


Our brains are programmed to catastrophize, seek out danger, and direct us to protect ourselves at all cost. In the jungle this was necessary for our survival. In our everyday modern life these wild instincts can wreak havoc, leading us to pain, struggle, and disconnection from ourselves and those around us.

Many of us are taught that willpower and avoidance are the keys to changing and controlling our minds and instincts. But, if you’re anything like the majority of my clients, you already know they don't work. Well, maybe in the short term, but not in the long run. Old ways eventually resurface which can lead to feelings of failure and defeat, wondering if you are even capable of change, resigning you back to your “bad” habits, and the cycle repeats. 

You are 100% right, willpower and avoidance are not enough and were never meant to be - it's not your fault they didn't work. Good news though, a long term solution is here: skill building. Changing your “wild” ways isn’t about more control, it’s about learning new ways to cope with situations that make you feel out of control. 

Reclaiming The Wild is all about learning to harness the innate power of our brains survival instinct from one of destruction to construction. I would love to support you with the skills, tools, practices and unbiased ear, you will need to sculpt yourself into

the person you want to be.

Passionate about self-discovery, growth and cultivating peace, I invite you to trust what deep down you already know: change is possible, you just need a little help. 


Informed by a background in conflict resolution, anger management, grief work, and restorative justice, I am dedicated to supporting individuals to create more flow and ease in their lives by resolving conflicts within themselves and with others.


With humour, nature-based practices, restorying, somatic awareness, mindfulness, spiritual inquiry, practical skill training, and self-compassion I will support you to shift limiting beliefs and behaviours while honouring past hardships and scars to find peace, connection, and grounding. Reclaim the wild as your ally and cultivate a life of  joy, peace, belonging, love, self-worth, and soul. This is both the work and the reward.

Your future awaits,

Dana Rourke, BA, MSW, RSW, Therapist

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“The healing is in the return, not in never having wandered to begin with.”
-Sharon Salzberg

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