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Let's sip.



We are living in complex times and life can often feel overwhelming.

It is common to lose ourselves and our way. 

As a result, you may experience some of the following:



-low self-esteem/worth

-eating disorders

-negative body image

-self-sabotaging behaviours

-aggressive or abusive behaviours


-anger management issues

-grief and loneliness

I would love to be a supportive companion on your journey

back to yourself.

Passionate about self-discovery, spiritual exploration and cultivating peace, I invite you to remember and trust what deep down you already know-the answers you seek are within you, together we can bring them to life. 


Informed by a background in conflict resolution, grief work and restorative justice, I am dedicated to supporting individuals to create more flow and ease in their lives by resolving conflicts within themselves and with others.


With humour, land-based practices, restorying, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, spiritual inquiry, and self-compassion I will support you to remove barriers--change limiting beliefs and integrate past traumas and emotional wounds--and step into your fullest, most alive self. Reclaiming your birthright to joy, pleasure, belonging, love, self-worth, and soul, is both the work and the reward.

The wild in you is waiting,

Dana Rourke, BA, MSW, RSW, Therapist

A white woman's face, she is smiling

“The healing is in the return, not in never having wandered to begin with.”
-Sharon Salzberg

Email for a Complementary 15-Minute Consult

(Currently accepting new clients for January 2024)

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