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What if pleasure wasn't full of guilt?

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This is my hope for you, for all of us, and why I do what I do.

All workshops are part education, part practice, and part conversation. 

Cultivating Body Confident Kids!

Virtual Classroom - Spring 2019

So many parents I meet are concerned about their children growing up to think negatively about their body and their abilities. Worried that they are developing a skewed perception of themselves because of all the pressure out there to look and behave in certain ways. Fostering a strong sense of self-worth, healthy relationships with food and boundaries in our children has become be a very confusing and stressful part of parenting. How to talk about bodies, food and health in a way that is supportive and won't feed into kids' insecurities, further shame them (unintentionally), or pass on our own negative feelings about our body, can take up so much space, energy, and worry. If you would like to feel more clarity and ease around how to support your child/children as they grow to become confident about their body, honour their needs and boundaries, and teach them to become competent eaters (choose food based on their bodies needs), this is the workshop for you.

​There will be five main areas of practice and discussion: 

-division of responsibility in feeding based on the work of Ellyn Satter

-tools for building resiliency around body image/body shame/body loathing

-the importance of nurturing self-worth vs self-esteem

-encouraging Body Trust® in your growing child

-awareness of family of origin messaging/language around food and bodies that could negatively impact your child (using food as reward/punishment, polarizing language - good vs bad, "eat everything before dessert")

​If you are wanting to learn hands-on tools that you can easily implement to help support your children to grow into body confident individuals, come and join the conversation!

Reclaiming The Wild - Taking Back Your Body

Virtual Classroom - TBA

Your body is not an ornament and your worth is not based on its appearance or size. Join me live to dive into real life practices that will allow you to begin your very own body acceptance revolution today!


So many of us are taught that we need to look a certain way in order to be worthy of what we need and desire in life. There is another way, it is possible to feel deserving of love and worthy of belonging in the body you have today! It's not about changing your body but rather the beliefs you have about your body. I know you've been trying really hard to feel good about yourself by working on your body, what about trying something different and working with your body?! Living does not have to be all about will power and restraint, you can have your cake and eat it too! 


In this educational and experiential workshop we will explore the foundations of a Body Trust® practice to help you start to feel confident as you are and learn tools for resilience against negative self-talk, unhelpful friends/family, and a dieting culture that constantly reminds us smaller is better, healthier, more desirable and attractive.

Practices will include:

-embodiment/mindfulness techniques to deal with negative self-talk (that persistent inner critic/voice)

-finding the key to unlocking your personal path to healing (it's different for everyone)

-a simple technique for cultivating deep resilience in a body shaming culture

-exploring self-compassion as the antidote to suffering, shame and low self-esteem/worth

-ideas on how to start separating your worth from your appearance

-tips for dealing with those tough days where you just don't like your body


There will be a Q and A session at the end so please bring your questions! Common ones I get asked from below will be discussed throughout as well:

-If I accept myself as I am, won't I just let myself go?  How is this 'good' for me?

-If I'm not using my weight as a measure of progress what do I do?

-I have ignored my body for so long... Is healing even possible for me?

-What do I do when family members make comments about my body?

Please bring a pen and notebook, wear comfy clothes, and arrive 5-10 minutes early to get settled and work through any technical concerns you might have.

2 tickets have been graciously donated for anyone that needs financial support to attend this workshop. Please email me directly at for a more accessible payment option.

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Introduction to Body Trust®

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