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The Hump Day Hiatus with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold E13

Today I'm chatting with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold. Kelly is a Sexologist and a Relationship Therapist in Waterloo, seeing clients at her office at Bliss Counselling as well as virtually.

I absolutely loved chatting with her and hearing all of her tips and ideas about how to own our desires, learn about our libido and awaken more desire in our lives... not only in the bedroom but in all aspects of our lives.

The most common thing clients come to see Kelly for is what she calls, "desire discrepancy". Meaning, that partners in a relationship have different levels of desire and expectations. If this sounds familiar there are a few tips in here for you!

If you are wanting to learn more about desire, tune in to the interview, check out the resources that we chatted about, take a look at Kelly's website, Sexology International, or book in for a session!

You can find her on social media with Bliss Counselling @blisscounselling and their website.

We will see you next week with my special guest Fiona Sutherland aka The Mindful Dietician, all the way from Melbourne Australia.

Stay Wild,


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