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The Hump Day Hiatus with Sydney Bell E12

Can you tell that it's winter and dark at 6:45pm?!? The season is upon us!

Today I am here with Sydney Bell, MSW, RSW from Embracing The Body Divine. Sydney is a counsellor and body image coach and has some awesome tips to share about how to not get hooked by negative thoughts about your body (because we are never free of them), how to not blame your body/yourself when you don't look like the latest "beauty ideal", and her amazing triad for supporting your very own body sovereignty.

If you would like to learn more about Sydney you can find her on Facebook and Instagram @embracingthebodydivine, Twitter @thebodydivine and on her website

Thanks for tuning into this edition of The Hump Day Hiatus. You can follow along on my social media @reclaiming.the.wild for all the latest posts and, if you want these interviews right to your inbox, you can sign up for my mailing list and receive a free 5-step guide for shedding body shame - is where you can find me and we air every Wednesday at noon EST on FB Live.

Until next time.... stay wild!


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