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Step 1 to Feeling More Confident and Happy in Your Body

The idea of feeling confident and happy with our body often feels like a luxury for the super fit and thin. It holds us back from doing things that we love, from trying new things and from feeling worthy of the most important thing in the world, unconditional love and belonging.

Our negative relationship with our body trickles into every facet of our life and ends up sabotaging hopes and dreams before they even have a chance to begin. We squash our own joy because of what we think about our body!!! It makes me so sad when I think back to all the chances I didn't take and the moments I let pass by because I didn't feel worthy of them or the important things that I didn't make time for because I was busy trying to be thin. By healing our relationship with food and our body, a whole new world of potential and JOY opens up for us.

When we stop resisting who we naturally are, we have so much more energy for experiencing the things that give us life, instead of obsessing over the reasons why we don't deserve them (and believe me, you do deserve them, all of them!).

If you are looking to bring more joy into your life, listen in to how you too can begin to stop fighting with your body and start living your life.

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