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The Hump Day Hiatus with Meredith Noble E10

Meredith Noble from Made on a Generous Plan is here with me today. Meredith is a Food and Body Peace Coach for Plus-Size People and is here to chat with us today a little about her story, diet culture, how it gets its hooks in us (and highjacks our life), how we can start to recognize it and live our life for ourselves not for the sake of changing or trying to control the size and shape of our body.

We chat about tuning into your inner voice, quieting the noise out there that takes us away from ourselves and body acceptance, and how to start coming back to a place of honouring our body instead of seeing it as something to be fixed.

You can find Meredith at or on Facebook and Instagram @madeonagenerousplan.

Meredith says, "when you have been following other people's rules... it can be hard to tune into your inner voice". I wonder, who's rules are you playing by? Did you write them or did someone else? Are they serving you, if not, who are they serving or meant to serve?

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Wild Love,


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