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The Hump Day Hiatus with Sarah Thompson E9

Sarah Thompson of Resilient Fat Goddess ( is here with me today chatting a bit about their healing and process with working through an eating disorder. Sarah is an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Writer, and also a fellow Body Trust® Advocate.

I just love how they articulate being able to get to truly know themselves as they let go of trying to conform to all the ways we are taught our bodies are supposed to look and be in the world. Helping folks to bring awareness to and look at how they unconsciously go about life in ways that diminish their worth and experience of the world, "holding up a mirror" is something that is so important to the work that Sarah does with folks. I know I constantly need reminders to be with what is, instead of the story I am telling myself about what is... what a gem! For all things body liberation, you can find Sarah on Instagram and Facebook @resilientfatgoddess as well as twitter @rslntfatgoddess.

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Stay Wild,


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