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The Hump Day Hiatus with Meg Bradbury E5

Here I am with the amazing Meg Bradbury from and for E5 of The Hump Day Hiatus. We had such a fantastic chat toady on The Hiatus. It's just so healing to be with folks who love you as you are and trust that you got this. We touch on pleasure, Orthorexia, over exercising, self-loathing, food rules, how healing is so individual and can't be prescribed, and many, many laughs, are all part and parcel of our chat today!

How do we come to decide a different way for ourselves? How do we notice and learn that what we are doing isn't working anymore and not only that, but is actually making us sick? How do we step into a new way of being with ourselves and others so that we can heal and truly step into the person we are.

FYI... Meg and I have many things in common and one of them happens to be our love for cursing... consider yourself warned!

In The Wild,


#humpdayhiatus #bodytrust #selfcare

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