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Hump Day Hiatus with Suzanne Dietrich E3

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! I am so excited to share my chat with my friend and colleague, Suzanne Dietrich, owner and Registered Dietitian at Gut Instincts Nutrition Counselling.

Suzanne has been in practice for over 8 years, sharing her non-diet wisdom, helping clients to make peace with food through Intuitive Eating and a Health at Every Size® philosophy.

Patience, observation, and awareness are three of the main skills that we can practice to start on this journey of healing how we feel and think about our bodies and our food choices.

Taking a look at your values and noticing what is important to you and how you can do more to support them in your life is just one of the ways she suggests walking away from the diet mentality to try on a life that doesn't involve you thinking about food and your body for most of the day. What could you do with all that extra time and energy?!

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