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Hump Day Hiatus E2 with Selam Debs

Here we are... episode 2 of The Hump Day Hiatus with owner and director of Community of Hearts Yoga in St. Jacobs, ON, Selam Debs. Selam is a mom, singer/songwriter, and social justice activist. She is passionate about bringing awareness to issues such as diversity and inclusion in our local community.

Moving in our body can be difficult, especially given all the gossip out there about how we are "supposed" to move and be in them. You can move for pleasure and in ways that feel good... this is the direction we want to go in. What feels good? What is supportive? What makes us happy?! Movement doesn't have to be painful or punishing... in fact, it can even help you step more fully into your self and deepen your connection with yourself instead of disrupt and control it.

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