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The Hump Day Hiatus with guest Samantha Germann

Your mid-week 'paws' from diet culture.

Chatting about living a life outside of diet culture and how to get there with insight from wonderful humans, guided by the nine core elements of a Body Trust® practice.

Sam from SamanthaLynn Wellness is here with me today chatting about weight-neutral self-care and how to step out of body shaming and into caring for yourself in compassionate, kind, and flexible ways to support your own definition of wellbeing. One of my favourite moments here is when she mentions that you don't have to wake up everyday hating your body... there is another way to do this life.

For more information on Sam, check out her Facebook page at SamanthaLynn Wellness, you can email her at and follow her on Instagram @samanthalynnwellness.

Stay tuned for our next Hump Day Hiatus next week, same time!

For more information on Body Trust® you can check out Be Nourished on Facebook and Instagram, or their website at

I'm Dana Rourke @reclaiming.the.wild saying a big f-u to diet culture and it's cronies.

Till next time... stay wild!

In kindness,


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