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*NEW* Facebook Live Interview Series

I am beyond excited!! I have just launched this project I have been working on called, "The Hump Day Hiatus". This interview series is going to take place most Wednesdays (cause you know, sometimes life happens) for the next nine months starting August 8th! Let us be your mid-week 'paws' from the shitty way Diet Culture often makes us feel about ourselves and our bodies.

Why nine months you say?! Well, a Body Trust® practice has nine core elements and so over the course of the interviews we will be focusing on one element per month. I will speak with all of our guests in a super casual and open conversation about their lived experience in their body, what connection they have with the core element of the month and so much more!

The idea first came about when I started to notice that there wasn't really a space in my local community of Kitchener/Waterloo for folks to have non-judgmental and compassionate conversations about their bodies, so I decided that I would create it! My hope is that these conversations will provide folks with an alternative dialogue to the dominant culture of body shaming, oppression, exclusion, and conformity. We are talking all things Body Trust®, Intuitive Eating, Body Respect®, Body Positivity, Health at Every Size®, in this fat-positive and gender affirming community. This is to be a safe space where all bodies are celebrated, welcomed, and most importantly to me, where we can all expand our ideas about bodies, start to let go of some of our judgments and biases, get curious, and come together in the name of connection, not correction, allowing ourselves to simply see and be seen. To truly sit with ourselves and others.

For more information and all a calendar of all the speakers we have lined up so far please visit my events page.

In order to receive updates on these conversations and stay in the loop on other events that I have on the go, you can sign up for my mailing list and/or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note, in order to watch Facebook Live interviews you need to have 'liked' the page that is posting.... feel free to like mine! ;)

In kindness,


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