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6-Week Intuitive Eating Support Group

"We believe your weight does not

define your worth."

with Suzanne Dietrich, RD & Dana Rourke, CBTP

Could your inherited beliefs about your body and what you eat be holding you back from fully living your life?

Imagine the energy and time trusting your body, instead of controlling it, would free up in your life...

In this 6-week group course we will be diving into the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating, exploring listening to and trusting our bodies with kindness and compassion, and offering you tools that can help you to move away from the stress of constantly feeling like you need to change your body and your diet.

If "emotional eating", "overeating", ignoring your hunger, and/or restricting your food options are part of your everyday, this course is for you! Get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues, your bodies physiological desire for food, and learn all about satisfaction and what gives us that feeling after a meal.

Often making peace with our body and food isn't about having the "perfect body", it's about changing our perspective, the way we view, treat, and speak to ourselves. Usually, we can find peace with our body without having to change it at all once we tune into what it really is that we are desiring from a deeper place. Befriending our body instead of conquering it, and aligning our actions/behaviours with our values in life, all move us towards the freedom and joy we all long for.

Whether you are new to Intuitive Eating or have been on your IE journey for a while, working in group can feel highly therapeutic and healing. 

Pre-registration is required and can be done at Gut Instincts Nutrition Counselling.

Early Bird Pricing available until October 10


Regular Registration


Making Peace with Food and Your Body-2.p

We Believe...

You have the courage to overcome body shame.

Food can be a source of joy, not guilt and punishment.

Your body is not a problem to be fixed.

Kindness, compassion, and pleasure heal.

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