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I hear all the time, "body acceptance sounds great as a concept but I don't think it's possible for me".


So many of us are taught that we need to look a certain way in order to be worthy of what we need and desire in life. There is another way, it is possible to feel deserving of love and worthy of belonging in any body! Trying different is usually the key to getting there though, not trying harder as we have been told. Living does not have to be all about will power and restraint, you can have your cake and eat it too! 


In this casual workshop we will be taking a look at the:

-foundation of body acceptance

-origins of body dissatisfaction and how it's not your fault

-myths surrounding beauty, weight and health

-inner critic and how to calm it's negative voice

-difference between body acceptance and "giving up"

-first practical steps of starting a body acceptance practice rooted in Body Trust®.


There will be a Q and A session at the end so please bring your questions! Common ones I get asked will be discussed throughout as well:

-Are you allowed to accept your body if it is larger than you are told it should be?

-If I accept my body won't I just "indulge" all the time and say "screw it"?

-I can't be trusted around food and always have to have a plan or I go overboard. How does accepting my body impact that?

Please wear comfy clothes and arrive 10 minutes early to grab a tea/coffee/food and get settled.

2 tickets have been graciously donated for anyone that needs financial support to attend this workshop. Please email me directly at for a more accessible payment option.

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