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Facebook Live Interview Series

with special guests...

Tired of feeling like you're not enough?

Join my community of rad humans where you will never be judged for your food choices or body size and always regarded as MORE than enough as you are!

When you embark on healing your relationship with food and your body it can often feel isolating and lonely. It can feel like no one else out there understands you and yet again, you are the "different" one. I know this feeling all too well and that's why I've put together 'The Hump Day Hiatus'!

Come join us in a safe, inclusive, supportive, and fat positive community where we will chat about all the ways that we can liberate ourselves from the belittling culture around food and bodies, then ultimately rid the culture from our world (I have big hopes, I know)!! Each week you can ask my guests questions, get tips on where to go next, share your thoughts and be in community with like-minded folks.

I would love to have you as a part of this growing community of diet and body standard rebels!! Let's show up together, see and be seen, and create the type of supportive and authentic community we all desire.

Every Wednesday at noon, I will be Live chatting with some of the wisest humans on body image and healing our relationship with food. Tune into my Facebook page (you have to like it to be able to listen in) for all the convos, live or recorded. Stop battling with you body and feeling guilty about food... the opportunity awaits!

Schedule & Topics


8: Samantha Lynn

15: Selam Debs

22: Suzanne Dietrich


7: Meredith Noble

14: Anna Chapman

21: Sydney Bell


6: Beth Murch

13: Louise Adams

20: Anna Sweeney


5: Dawn Serra

12: Meg Bradbury

19: Melissa Toler


5: Kelly McDonnell-Arnold

12: Fiona Sutherland

19: Me!!!


6: RanDee Anshutz

13: Annahita

20: Andrea LaMarre


3: Amanda Holler

17: Nicole Eikenberry

24: Sarah Thompson


2: Sophia Wadowska

9: Andrea LaMarre

16: Kristina Bruce


3: Lucy  Aphramor

10: Lauren Grooves


Nayyirah Waheed, Salt

there is peaceful.

there is wild.

i am both at the same time.


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