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Coaching specializing in Binge Eating Disorder and Orthorexia.

Gaining access to Eating Disorder treatment can often be something that is not easy for a lot of people for many reasons. Whether you have been through treatment or are considering treatment, my services are here to support you and your loved ones in whatever phase of recovery you identify with. 

Though I am not a therapist, you may find our time together feels therapeutic, and will get the most out of our sessions with the ongoing support of a trauma and ED informed therapist (who I can help you find if need be).

There are many areas of healing that we can explore together through a non-diet, weight-inclusive, and body positive lens. Each area will be chosen by you and is guided by your unique needs, desires, and lived experience. Some common focuses may include, but are not limited to:

-exploring Body Trust® as a foundation for healing

-making peace with food and working with Intuitive Eating

-learning to relate to your body with kindness

-developing a self-compassion/self-care practice

-yoga for embodiment, body awareness practice and mindfulness

-cultivating resiliency and tools for living in a weight-bias world

-supporting you in difficult conversations with loved ones

-building a professional support system

-grocery shopping, cooking, and meal support

-guidance and support for caregivers and loved ones

A 30-minute call, to assess for fit, is mandatory before purchasing recovery coaching.


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