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Diversity and equity are now at the forefront of global, corporate, professional, and personal development goals. Are they one of yours?

Applying a social justice lens to your organization, business or school can greatly improve your relationships, your sense of purpose, and increase the positive impact you have in the world. Size and weight discrimination is something that deeply affects us all, regardless of our body size, and can easily make those in larger bodies feel unsafe while accessing public services, health care (holistic and allopathic), dining in restaurants, and pursuing physical activity, so much so that they don't access them. 

We are all pretty aware about what is acceptable behaviour and not when it comes to socially frowned upon forms of discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia), and because we live in a culture where it is still socially acceptable to shame fatness and fat people we don't recognize our behaviours as discriminatory, hurtful, and unhelpful. 

If you would like to learn more about how to:

-better support your larger bodied clients/employees

-increase client acquisition and/or retention

-create a safe and welcoming environment/workplace for fat people

-address your own biases and phobias around fatness

-de-stigmatize fatness within your organization

-lead and work with compassion and empathy

-use curiosity as a tool for connection and non-judgemental communication

Email me today to find out how professional consulting can help you make your organization or business a profitable AND welcoming space for larger bodied folks. 

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Please contact for multi-session package rates.

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