November 29, 2018

 Can you tell that it's winter and dark at 6:45pm?!? The season is upon us!

Today I am here with Sydney Bell, MSW, RSW from Embracing The Body Divine. Sydney is a counsellor and body image coach and has some awesome tips to share about how to not get hooked by negative...

November 21, 2018

The idea of feeling confident and happy with our body often feels like a luxury for the super fit and thin. It holds us back from doing things that we love, from trying new things and from feeling worthy of the most important thing in the world, unconditional love and...

November 15, 2018

What a treat it was to spend time chatting with the wonderful Anna Chapman!

Anna is a Body and Size Diversity Advocate as well as a movement teacher. She is passionate about body justice as well as providing a safe and inclusive space for folx of all shapes, sizes, back...

November 12, 2018

Meredith Noble from Made on a Generous Plan is here with me today. Meredith is a Food and Body Peace Coach for Plus-Size People and is here to chat with us today a little about her story, diet culture, how it gets its hooks in us (and highjacks our life), how we can st...

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